Chicago Charter Flights

Chicago Charter Flights

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5 Perks of Chicago Charter Flights

If you’re planning a visit to the windy city or a trip out of Chicago, there are several great reasons to consider Chicago charter flights instead of traditional air travel. New Flight Charters is the premier private air charter service provider in the US, offering a new level of comfort, convenience, and flexibility to travelers.

Here are the top 5 perks of flying on a Chicago jet charter:

  1. Saves Time and Hassle

One of the most significant benefits of a Chicago charter flight is that it saves a lot of valuable time. With traditional air travel, you typically need to arrive at the airport hours in advance, navigate long security lines, and wait around for boarding. With a private charter flight from New Flight Charters, you can arrive at the airport just a few minutes before your flight and pass through private security with ease. You’ll also avoid the headache of flight cancellations, delays, or lost luggage.

  1. High Level of Comfort

Chicago charter flights provide a new level of comfort and luxury that is missing in traditional air travel. With private air charter service, you have the option to personalize every aspect of your flight, from the jet you’re flying, to the food and drinks you’ll enjoy. You’ll have plenty of space to move around, relax and work in privacy, without the distractions that come with sharing a cabin with strangers on a commercial flight.

  1. Personalized Service

Flying in a private jet from New Flight Charters gives you the personal attention that you won’t get with commercial air travel. Our team of experienced and professional charter managers works closely with you to create a customized itinerary that meets your unique needs, from flight routes to in-flight activities. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that every detail of your trip will be handled with the utmost care and attention.

  1. Flexibility

One of the biggest advantages of a Chicago charter flight is the flexibility it provides. Commercial airlines have strict schedules, and you must plan your trip around their available flights. With New Flight Charters, you can create your itinerary on your terms, choosing your departure time, location and destination, without the need to worry about changing your schedule to fit the airlines. You can even make last-minute changes to your itinerary and pick the most convenient airports.

  1. Cost-Effective

Contrary to popular belief, private jet charter is not only for the ultra-wealthy. New Flight Charters provides cost-effective options for travelers who wish to experience the benefits of private air travel without breaking the bank. We offer a Best Price Guarantee, ensuring you’re getting the best deal possible for your trip. Plus, you won’t have to worry about additional fees, hidden charges or membership requirements.


In summary, Chicago charter flights from New Flight Charters provide a new level of comfort, convenience, and flexibility to travelers. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you’ll enjoy benefits like personalized service, time and hassle savings, high-level comfort, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. As one of the leading private jet charter service providers, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service at an affordable rate. Start your search today on our website or contact us to set up your perfect Chicago charter flight.

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