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Private Jet Empty Legs List

The top 200+ empty legs industry wide.  All private jet sizes and routings including North America, Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii and to Europe.

Take advantage of industry-wide empty leg options, and New Flight Charters’ 20 years and multi-channel connection to full charter industry:

  • 7,058 charter aircraft from 1,679 certificated operators.
  • 2,150 locally-based private jets with empty legs in their schedules.
  • 582 floating fleet jets with point-to-point, one-way pricing.

Opportunities are created continually as flight schedules change across the industry.

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    Upcoming Empty Leg Flights and Specials

    When an empty leg matches up with a flight need, there is no better value in private flying.
    -Rick Colson, President-New Flight Charters (@rickcolson)

    Empty Legs are current at the time of posting, subject to prior sale and continued availability.  More empty legs and discounted flight options industry wide.  Call (888) 701-3843 or Email your routing & date(s).

    IMPORTANT – Flights below can be quoted for any departure or arrival locations in the same general direction of flight.

    StartEndFromToAircraftCategoryPrice (excl. tax)
    5/245/24Kalispell MTCarlsbad CACitation XLSMidsize jet$10,600m4
    5/245/26London UKBarbadosLegacy 650Heavy jet$75,900
    5/255/25Carlsbad CAPage AZCitation CJ3Light jet$6,500m4
    5/265/26Las Vegas NVKansas City MOGulfstream G600Ultra long range$14,500ub
    5/265/26Orlando FLLas Vegas NVGulfstream G-600Ultra long range$43,010tu
    5/265/26Las Vegas NVKansas City MOGulfstream G-600Ultra long range$24,695tu
    5/275/27Baltimore MAFort Lauderdale FLBeechjet 400Light jet$8,500bb4
    5/275/27Bedford MAWilmington DEPraetor 600Super-mid jet$10,000gb3
    5/285/29Fort Lauderdale FLSt. MartinBeechjet 400Light jet$8,500bb4
    5/285/28Blue Bell PANantucket MAPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$4,600gb3
    5/285/30Wilmington DEPalm Beach FLPhenom 300Light jet$13,700gb3
    5/295/30Fort Lauderdale FLTelluride COPraetor 500Super mid jet$34,265eb2
    5/295/29Sacramento CACarlsbad CAChallenger 350Super-mid jet$10,600m4
    5/305/30Wilmington DEPalm Beach FLPhenom 300Light jet$13,800gb3
    5/305/30Exuma BHFort Lauderdale FLBeechjet 400Light jet$6,000bb4
    5/315/31Denver COTeterboro NJFalcon 900EXHeavy jetInquiretb5
    5/316/1Sedona AZCarlsbad CACitation CJ3Light jet$6,500m4
    6/16/1Carlsbad CASedona AZCitation CJ3Light jet$6,500m4
    6/16/1Kremmling COCarlsbad CAPhenom 300Light jet$9,500m4
    6/26/2San Jose CAVan Nuys CAChallenger 350Super-mid jet$10,500m4
    6/36/3Denver COLas Vegas NVCitation LongitudeSuper-mid jetInquireub5
    6/36/5Palm Beach FLWilmington DEPhenom 300Light jet$13,200gb3
    6/46/4Carlsbad CAKremmling COPhenom 300Light jet$9,500m4
    6/56/5Hyannis MAWilmington DEPhenom 300Light jet$6,500gb3
    6/56/6Jackson Hole WYHayward CAPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$9,900eqb
    6/66/6Jackson Hole WYLas Vegas NVCitation CJ3Light jet$12,900ub
    6/76/7Van Nuys CATeterboro NJCitation XSuper-mid jet$31,900cb
    6/88/9Hayward CAJackson Hole WYPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$8,900eqb
    6/106/10Seattle WACarlsbad CACitation CJ3Light jet$10,500m4
    6/106/10Watertown NYOakland CAGulfstream G-150Midsize jet$27,995b
    6/106/10Boca Raton FLSt Louis MOChallenger 604Heavy jet$25,795tk
    6/116/14Jackson Hole WYTampa FLCitation UltraLight jet$22,900gv
    6/136/17Denver COQuebec CanadaGulfstream G-VHeavy jetInquirehb1
    6/136/13Los Angeles CASan Francisco CALearjet 40XRSuper-light jet$5,500yk
    6/166/18Houston TXEagle COWestwind IILight jetInquirebb3
    6/166/18San Francisco CACamarillo CALearjet 40XRSuper-light jet$7,500yk
    6/166/16Las Vegas NVJackson Hole WYCitation CJ3Light jet$10,900ub
    6/166/16Destin, FLOklahoma City, OKCitation EncoreLight jet$10,000bk
    6/176/17Nantucket MAWilmington DEPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$4,500gb3
    6/196/20Carlsbad CASacramento CACitation CJ3Light jet$6,500m4
    6/216/21Wilmington DESpencer IACitation CJ3Light jet$14,300gb3
    6/226/23Las Vegas NVVan Nuys CAGulfstream G200Super-mid jet$8,000yk
    6/266/27Westhampton NYOdense DenmarkGulfstream G200Super-mid jet$44,500
    6/276/27Carlsbad CAEverett WACitation CJ3Light jet$10,500m4
    6/296/30Montreal QBSan Juan PRFalcon 900EXHeavy jet$29,315no
    6/296/29Oklahoma City OKJackson Hole WYCitation EncoreLight jet$12,200bk
    6/306/30Jackson Hole WYBaltimore MDPhenom 300Light jet$24,900hb2
    6/306/30Jackson Hole WYBaltimore MDPhenom 300Super light jet$24,640hb2
    7/37/4Jackson Hole WYAustin TXCitation XLSMidsize jet$22,900gkn
    7/57/5Richmond VATelluride COLearjet 45XRSuper-light jet$23,200
    7/107/11Jackson Hole WYChicago ILCitation XLSMidsize jet$19,900kb
    7/117/12Everett WACarlsbad CACitation CJ3Light jet$10,500m4
    7/117/12Jackson Hole WYChicago ILCitation ExcelMidsize jet$19,900kb
    7/137/13St Louis MOBoca Raton FLChallenger 604Heavy jet$24,900tk
    7/137/14Dallas TXAspen COCitation XLSMidsize jet$9,3505d
    7/137/14Chicago ILJackson Hole WYCitation XLSMidsize jet$21,900kb
    7/137/13St Louis MOBoca Raton FLChallenger 604Heavy jet$24,640tk
    7/137/13Salt Lake City UTSt Louis MOChallenger 604Heavy jet$25,575tk
    7/147/15Blue Bell PAWashington DCPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$3,700gb3
    7/147/16Houston TXEagle COWestwind IILight jetInquirebb3
    7/147/14Carlsbad CATahoe CACitation CJ3Light jet$8,500m4
    7/157/16Houston TXEagle COWestwind IILight jetInquirebb3
    7/197/20Traverse City MIJackson Hole WYPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$22,90056
    7/207/20Blue Bell PACanadaigua NYPilatuc PC-12Exec turboprop$4,200gb3
    7/217/22Jackson Hole WYVan Nuys CACitation CJ3Light jet$11,900tb
    7/217/21New York NYBlue Bell PAPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$2,900gb3
    7/227/24Chicago ILJackson Hole WYCitation ExcelMidsize jet$21,900kb
    7/237/24Wilmington DESheridan WYCitation CJ3Light jet$21,500gb3
    7/257/25Nantucket MAWilmington DECitation CJ3Light jet$6,200gb3
    7/267/27Turks & CaicosTeterboro NJLegacy 600Heavy jet$27,500bt
    7/297/29Pittsfield MAVan Nuys CAGulfstream G-550Ultra long range$54,340dm
    8/18/2Teterboro NJTurks & CaicosLegacy 600Heavy jet$27,500bt
    8/58/5Vancouver BCCarlsbad CACitation CJ3Light jet$10,500m4
    8/88/9Key West FLWilmington DECitation CJ4Light jet$16,500gb3
    8/98/9Van Nuys CAPittsfield MAGulfstream G-550Ultra long range$48,455dm
    8/118/12Jackson Hole WYTraverse City MIPilatus PC-12Exec turboprop$20,90056
    8/128/12Jackson Hole WYOklahoma City OKCitation EncoreLight jet$12,200bk
    8/138/14Wilmington DEKey West FLCitation CJ4Light jet$16,600gb3
    8/168/16Oklahoma City OKJackson Hole WYCitation EncoreLight jet$12,200bk
    8/218/21Carlsbad CASeattle WACitation CJ3Light jet$10,500m4
    8/248/29Vancouver BCTeterboro NJFalcon 7XUltra long range$46,750ctm
    8/258/25Alamosa COOklahoma City OKCitation EncoreLight jet$8,000bk
    8/309/1San Juan PRMontreal QBFalcon 900EXHeavy jet$31,845no
    8/318/31Oklahoma City OKAlamosa COCitation EncoreLight jet$8,000bk
    9/199/22Teterboro NJVancouver BCFalcon 7XUltra long range$46,750ctm
    9/199/19Knoxville TNOklahoma City OKKing Air E90Exec turboprop$7,500bk
    9/229/22Oklahoma City OKKnoxville TNKing Air E90Exec turboprop$7,500bk
    10/510/6Teterboro NJCarlsbad CAGulfstream G-450Heavy jet$47,245tb1
    NOTE – Pricing above is for best airport pairs.

    Empty Legs listed are current at the time of posting, and subject to change, availability, or prior sale. Pricing listed is all-inclusive except tax 7.5%.

     Legal note- they are not FAR Parts-121 or 380 scheduled flights. Listed is their best cost routing and rate.

    See below – Special One-Way and Floating Fleet Aircraft are available.

    Floating Fleet Special One-Way Pricing Aircraft

    582 Below Floating Fleet aircraft are available for special one-way pricing nationwide.  These are some of the same aircraft used by jet card and membership programs, and available here at lower rates than the programs offer.  Take advantage of the widest reach of one-way, empty leg and based aircraft in the industry.

    Call (888) 701-3843 or Email your routing & date(s).

    • Phenom 300
    • Phenom 100
    • Learjet 40XR
    • Hawker 400XP
    • Citation CJ3+
    • Citation Encore
    • Citation Bravo
    • HondaJet
    • Cirrus Vision Jet
    • Praetor 500
    • Citation Latitude
    • Citation XLS Gen2
    • Citation XLS
    • Citation Excel
    • Hawker 800XP
    • Citation Excel (13)
    • Learjet 60XR
    • Learjet 60
    • Praetor 600
    • Citation Logitude
    • Challenger 300/350
    • Gulfstream G200
    • Citation X
    • Citation Sovereign+
    • Falcon 50EX
    • Falcon 50
    • Hawker 1000A
    • Global 6000 
    • Global 5000
    • Global Express 
    • Gulfstream 450
    • Gulfstream 400
    • Gulfstream IV-SP 
    • Falcon 900B
    • Falcon 2000EX
    • Challenger 604

    Empty Legs Resource Guide

    Understanding Private Jet Empty Legs Flights

    The advantages, disadvantages terms and pricing of empty legs.  While the convenience and flying experience are similar, the pricing and limitations are not.  How to set your expectations.

    Private Jet Empty Legs, Jet Charter Empty Leg Lists

    “What is an Empty Leg?”

    Empty legs are created when an aircraft itself needs to fly for a variety of reasons such as to pick up its owner, return to base after a charter flight, or even flying to or from a factory service appointment.  This need to move the aircraft can result in low one-way flight pricing, and can be the absolute best values in private flying.

    “What is a Deadhead Flight?”

    Deadhead is a term synonymous with Empty Leg, in which the aircraft is flying empty, without passengers.  Instead of a “live” flight leg, it is a “dead” flight leg.

    “What is a One-Way Flight?”

    One-ways are using an aircraft in a certain route or direction of flight where the plane does not need to return to base.  The aircraft picks up a succession of paying passengers from flight to flight that are linked by landing and then departing in the same general region. One-ways are a great value since the aircraft does not need to return to a base, and no daily minimums apply.  Empty Legs are an example of a one-way flight.  

    Taking Advantage of Empty Legs

    The most common misperception is that empty legs are available between only those cities or airports listed.   However, a charter can be flown anywhere along that very general route and direction.  For example with an empty leg listed from Scottsdale, AZ to Philadelphia, PA, the aircraft can fly a charter from Los Angeles to New York at a discounted one-way price.

    Empty legs and one-way charters may have special cancellation terms because of their price advantage and their need to arrive at the other end.  The aircraft may have a charter booked after the current one-way, which is dependent on it being in that vicinity. Generally speaking floating fleet aircraft have a standard cancellation policy and true empty leg charters are non-cancelable upon booking.

    Jackson Hole and Colorado Local Private Jet Empty Legs

    Local Divisions With Empty Leg Listings and Comprehensive Locally-Based Charter Aircraft Information

    Jackson Hole Jet Charter is a service of New Flight Charters for private charters to or from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  A large list of Jackson Hole private jet empty legs is available along with local jets for charter and Jackson charter flight information.

    Jet Charter Colorado is a service of New Flight Charters for private flights to or from Colorado serving Aspen, Eagle-Vail, Telluride, Steamboat Springs, Denver and others.  Along with information on Colorado based charter jets and aircraft information, a list of Colorado jet charter empty legs is available including private jet empty legs for Aspen and Eagle-Vail.

    Featured Empty Leg and Floating Fleet One-Way Aircraft

    Citation X Super Midsize Jet

    The Citation X is the ultimate business jet, elegantly carrying up to eight passengers and flying faster and higher than any other business jet in the air.  You not only arrive sooner, you avoid air traffic and spend less time in the sky—which translates into a lower cost per trip.  And that’s on top of the undeniable thrill of flying at Mach .92, more than 10 miles per minute.  Travel coast to coast in under 4-1/2

    Interior Amenities:

    Citation X aircraft are elegantly appointed with exotic woods and the finest grade leathers, and are equipped with a complete set of cabin amenities and conveniences, including an Air-to-Ground Telephone System, AirShow Entertainment system with DVD Players and five monitors, power outlets for cell phone or laptops, a fully stocked galley, and a microwave to serve hot meals.

    Hawker 400XP Light Cabin Jet

    A light business jet, the Hawker 400XP is a truly unique aircraft that offers the best of both worlds: value, flexibility and low operating costs combined with the ruggedness, spaciousness and technological sophistication of a much larger jet.

    Powered by fuel-efficient Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, the Hawker 400XP is the fastest light jet business jet of choice in the light-jet market. Its innovative design includes a well-equipped galley, four-place center-club seating and the largest cabin of any comparable aircraft.


    Seats: (Crew + Passengers) 2+8
    Cargo Capacity: 26.40 Cubic Feet
    Range: 1,687 nm (1,941 miles)
    Cruise Speed: 450 kt (518 mph)
    Manufactured in: 2006 – 2012


    Most Hawker 400XP’s include flight phones, flight displays, and entertainment center.