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New Flight Charters Community Support Program

As the most-accredited charter service in the U.S., New Flight Charters also takes the lead in corporate responsibility and gives back through its Community Support Program.

The company feels the need, and with a belief in corporate accountability, New Flight Charters supports the local communities where our employees work.

Through our Community Support Program New Flight Charters benefits select local nonprofit organizations each year in time, talent or resources, to further a program goal of helping build strong, healthy and safe communities.

Many receiving help from New Flight Charters are local nonprofits benefitting children. “Youth are a hub and a moving influence in a community. In a large way they are the future of that community,” remarked New Flight Charters President Rick Colson. “What better way to make an impact there now AND in the future.”

Contributing to local communities through successful nonprofit organizations since 2004, New Flight Charters has given numerous thousands in resources and hundreds of hours in hands-on service.

20 Years Industry Leading Service. The Most-Accredited Charter Brokerage Worldwide:

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    Examples of New Flight Charters’ Community Support Program beneficiaries include:

    We take pride in our corporate responsibiltiy and in supporting organziations that benefit our local communities. High Flying Private Jet Charter Company Benefits Down to Earth Local Charities and Nonprofits