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    New Charter Site for Denver Region

    by Samantha Cartaino

    New Flight Charters has launched a dedicated online listing of charter aircraft available in and around Denver. According to the broker, shows not only aircraft that are permanently based in Denver or at airports throughout Colorado, but also so-called floating fleet options that could include jets that are often available for charter out of the region after completing point-to-point flights. It also includes aircraft managed by large charter companies that base them in the Denver area to meet the travel needs of their owners.

    The new Denver jet charter site currently includes around 82 jets, turboprops and pistons available for charter from 20 operators. The listed aircraft are based at seven Colorado airports: Fort Collins, Denver Metro, Boulder, Denver Centennial, Denver International, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

    According to New Flight Charters president Rick Colson, the site gives a greater choice of aircraft than would generally be offered by most brokers. The Jackson Hole, Wyo.-based company now has an office in Denver and mainly covers bookings from the Western U.S.

    See the jet charter denver article here.


    Top-10 FBO’s in America, Reviewed in AIN Survey Results

    AirFlite, the Toyota-owned aviation service provider at Los Angeles-area Long Beach Airport/Daugherty Field, was once again rated as the top FBO in the Americas by readers in AIN‘s annual jet charter FBO Survey.

    This year, as the survey transitions to a year-round, rolling review process from a single period during the year when ratings are accepted, it tallied results earned by locations over the past four years, and during that span, the California FBO earned a 4.84 out of a maximum five (from the previous 1-to-10 scale), garnering survey-high scores in the categories of passenger and pilot amenities. It barely edged out the Tampa International Jet Center, which notched top scores for its facility and for its line service.

    The top 10, in order, were:

    1. AirFlite at Los Angeles-area Long Beach Airport/Daugherty Field
    2. Black Canyon Jet Center at Montrose Regional Airport in Montrose, Colo.
    3. J.A. Air Center at Chicago-area Aurora Municipal Airport
    4. Atlantic Aviation at Kansas City Charles B. Wheeler Airport
    5. Fargo Jet Center at Hector (N.D.) International Airport
    6. XJet at Denver Centennial Airport
    7. Banyan Air Service at Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) Executive
    8. Jet Aviation at Fort Lauderdale Executive and Palm Beach (Fla.) International Airports
    9. Skyservice Toronto at Detroit Oakland Country International Airport
    10. Pentastar Aviation also at Detroit Oakland Country International Airport

    -Released nationwide, republished here-

    New Flight Charters Announces 14% Growth, 28% Fourth Quarter Growth in Private Jet Charter Activity

    Nationwide Private Flight Company Jets Over Industry Growth Rate, Reports Increased Charter Demand and a Movement From Light Jets to Midsize Jet Charters.

    New Flight Charters, a nationwide leader in private jet charter services since 2004, announced today a 14 percent increase in charter business.  Fourth Quarter saw explosive growth in charter business, up 28 percent over the same period.

    Growth during the year was seen from an increased demand in repeat business, new business and a general move in demand from smaller aircraft to larger aircraft charters.  Fourth Quarter saw a notable movement from light jets to midsize jet charters in particular, and December featured large increases in both the number of charters – up 28 percent, and average charter spend – up 18 percent, compared to December.

    New Flight Charters arranged over 1,400 flights last year.

    The increases more than quadrupled industry trend numbers for the year; market analyst Argus reported a flight activity increase of 2.9 percent for the same period across private aviation segments including charter and Part-91, and projects a similar size increase moving forward into this year.

    New Flight Charters attributes beating industry trends to several factors including its continuous flight-by-flight service level, and the company’s unique entrée to the full U.S. Part-135 aircraft market.  Not restricted to a sourcing pool or marketing network as is common in the industry, the company can provide more availability and better pricing options, including 218 additional one-way priced aircraft nationwide, along with its Best Price Guarantee for every flight.

    “The combination of our aircraft availability, our long term expert team and our service level is growing our repeat business,” said New Flight Charters president Rick Colson.  “We continue to gain business from experienced charter fliers and jet card holders who try us, like the service, and come back.  Without a large deposit or financial commitment to us up front, we have to earn every single charter.  It keeps you on your toes, and not surprisingly our clients like that.”  The company was top rated in a previous industry survey.

    The one-of-a-kind air charter company features an acclaimed six-member charter service team with a cumulative 48 years in air charter, 49 years FAA-certified experience, 99 years executive management experience, 17,400 hours pilot-in-command, and includes private and commercial pilots and retired law enforcement.

    About New Flight Charters
    Since 2004 New Flight Charters has arranged private domestic and international flights with top-rated operator aircraft at leading jet charter quotes, along with its Best Price Guarantee, industry empty legs list, and a perfect safety history.  Extensive client and industry reviews are available on the New Flight Charters website.  As a registered U.S. government contractor, and named to the Inc. 500 fastest growing list four consecutive years, the jet charter company serves a wide variety of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, government heads of state, presidential campaigns, entertainment icons, private families and entrepreneurs.

    For charter quotes, information or the latest updates, call (888) 701-3843 or visit nationwide or new specialty location Denver Jet Charter for Denver, Aspen and all Colorado private jet charters.


    The Most Popular Charter Aircraft

    Overall the most popular aircraft chosen in the past year is Citation series light jets.  They represent 17% of all charters, and 42% of light jets.

    Below is a summary of the most popular aircraft chosen for private charters over the past year, ranked by popularity.

    Light Jets:
    36% Citation (Ultra,V,II,Mustang)
    19% Hawker 400XP
    11% Learjet 31/35
    6% Citation CJ series (CJ1,CJ2,CJ3)

    Midsize Jets:
    42% Hawker 800A/800XP
    19% Learjet 55/60
    17% Citation Excel/XLS

    Super-Midsize Jets:
    44% Citation X
    28% Challenger 300
    17% Falcon 50

    Large Cabin Jets:
    26% Challenger 601/604
    22% Gulfstream IV/450
    11% Embraer Legacy/600

    51% King Air series (90,100,200,350)
    19% Pilatus PC-12
    12% Cheyenne II/III

    The above data is actual results from more than 750 domestic and international charter flights paid and flown in 2014, arranged by New Flight Charters.

    Charter fliers choose their aircraft and quote from the several best available for their flight, with no obligation or incentive to choose one or any.  New Flight Charters employs aviation data company FlightList Pro for unrestricted charter aircraft and operator market data worldwide.  2014 results are from actual client demand and aircraft choices.

    Many factors influence the decision for a particular aircraft size and model, such as trip itinerary, flight leg lengths, budget and passenger count


    -Article published across internet news sites, republished here-

    New Flight Charters Reveals Keys To Success in Booking Private Jet Charters

    Eleven Years and 12,000 Charter Flights Attributed to Customer-Centric, Full Market Approach.

    The diverse air charter industry includes all types of people.  It is not uncommon in the high stakes, high dollar business of private jet charter to find charter sales people with a forceful, sometimes hard-nose style, eager to ‘work a deal’ for you, and intimating they have the right connections and they’ll be back to you with a great deal too good to refuse.  These types may have come to jet charter sales from previous positions on Wall Street, automotive sales or a checkered past, since nearly anyone can call themselves a charter broker because of little industry oversight or barriers to entry.

    Holding a buyer captive allows them to also work a deal for themselves in higher commissions.  A soft bait-and-switch may occur when the sales person informs the flier shortly before the flight that the aircraft has suddenly become unavailable for any number of reasons and a different aircraft will fly it, or even at a higher cost.

    This forceful trust-me-I’ll-get-you-a-great-deal facade allows unchecked behind the scenes dealing often to benefit the sales person, not the customer.

    The high-end jet charter industry certainly includes these type of sales people, but also a variety of other styles, personalities and methods.  Jet charter is often called a relationship business; referring to the relationship between the buyer and their air charter broker or provider.

    With explosive growth in the charter brokerage segment over the past decade, there is a style and personality match for almost anyone.  The overall jet charter industry is comprised of a plethora of different operators, fleets, capabilities and logistics.  Being so multi-faceted and complex, it is frequently said that ‘nothing can beat a good broker’.

    New Flight Charters began in 2003 with roots in high-end service centered on the customer, not the company.  Combined with unlimited research and access to the entire market – 8,289 aircraft with 1,777 operators  – the company is unrestricted in its service level or aircraft and pricing available for any given charter.

    Over the past decade and more than 12,000 charter flights, New Flight Charters has become one of the most respected air charter companies in the industry with its friendly and helpful focus.  Company experts come alongside their clients.  For each separate trip they research, present and counsel on the aircraft options available, usually customizing the approach for their client’s preferences.

    “Some want you to just take care of it for them, and others like to be involved in the process, discuss operators or aircraft cabin amenities.  And some have very distinct needs.” said Rick Colson, New Flight Charters’ founder and president.  “If we work in their best interest, the business takes care of itself.  Working trip by trip, no jet card or advance deposits, we have to earn each one.  It keeps you on your toes.”

    With this approach New Flight Charters was awarded to the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies list four consecutive years.  A feat managed by less than a handful of charter companies.  Being customer-centric, friendly and helpful combined with unrestricted aircraft options, the strategy has paid off.

    Nice guys finish last?  Not in the world of private jet charter.

    About New Flight Charters
    The one-of-a-kind air charter company features an acclaimed six-member charter team with a cumulative 43 years in air charter, 49 years FAA-certified experience, 99 years executive management experience, 17,400 hours pilot-in-command, and includes private and commercial pilots and retired law enforcement.  New Flight Charters arranges private domestic and international flights with top-rated operator aircraft at leading jet charter quotes, along with its Best Price Guarantee, empty legs list, and a perfect safety history. Client and industry reviews are available on the New Flight Charters website.  The jet charter company serves a wide variety of clientele including Fortune 500 companies, government heads of state, presidential campaigns, entertainment icons, private families and entrepreneurs.

    For charter quotes, information or the latest updates, call (888) 701-3843 or visit


    New Midsize Cross-Country Jet Coming To Charter

    In typical clockwork fashion Cessna has achieved FAA type certification again, this time for the midsize Citation Latitude.  This past Friday the Latitude won certification and is clear for deliveries to begin third quarter.

    With its first flight during February of last year, the aircraft began a fast-track test program in recent Cessna trend which resulted in its type rating certificate on schedule.  NetJets is among the first customers for delivery with an existing order of 150 Latitudes.  Others with orders for early delivery is a closely held list.

    At first glance it’s likely a new midsize jet will be available for transcontinental non-stops this coming winter and springs as deliveries continue.

    The Latitude is a midsize jet seating up to 9 with two standard cabin configurations, one featuring a club of four with two additional froward facing seats, a cabin-forward bench for two and a rear belted lav.  The aircraft fits between the XLS and the Sovereign in the Citation lineup and the Latitude carries an outward resemblance of both.  It is described as a superior, flat-floor, stand-up cabin, 6-feet tall, 77 inches wide and 21 feet long.   the Latitude cabin is taller and wider than the Sovereign.   Airspeed at 446 kts max cruise is similar to the Sovereign and XLS.

    A Coast-to-Coast Midsize?
    The Latitude offers a range of up to 2,850 NM.  The Hawker 800XP, one of the most popular midsize charter jets known for coast-to-coast charter nonstops, has a published max range of 2,540 NM.  Practical charter use will dictate, but at first glance its likely a new midsize jet will be available for transcontinental non-stops this coming winter and springs as deliveries continue.

    If/when the coast-to-coast nonstop charter capability becomes reality, the Latitude should be a hot commodity in the midsize charter market.


    Gulfstream 550, G-V and GIV-SP New For Charter From Florida & Los Angeles

    Charter operator Jet Edge International has added three new Gulfstream to it’s fleet.  The newly delivered G550 and GV are based in Florida, while the GIVSP is based in Los Angeles.

    The additions bring Jet Edge’s nationwide charter fleet to a total of 34 super-midsize, heavy and ultra long range jets.

    Our ultra long range fleet has grown to 10 aircraft, including Global 6000s, G650s, G550s and GVs in the past 12 months,” says David Erich, Chief Operating Officer of Jet Edge. “The ultra long range category has been a significant focus over the past year, and it is gratifying to see the hard work of our entire team paying off.”

    New Flight Charters utilizes the entire Jet Edge fleet.


    Falcon 7X Now Available from Northeast US

    A new long range Falcon 7X has been added to the US charter fleet, and becomes available May 22. It is home-based at Waterbury-Oxford Airport, Oxford, CT.  The Falcon was formerly based in Paris, France and operated by charter company Masterjet.

    This Falcon 7x is one of only 7 available for charter in the U.S. and the only one in the Northeast.  The new 14 passenger large cabin aircraft comes complete with a satellite phone and fax, airshow display and is Wi-Fi enabled.  The fully-equipped galley includes a microwave oven, convection oven and espresso maker to easily accommodate lighter snacks or full-course meals. Its state-of-the-art entertainment system features DVD, CD and MP3 players, headphones, dual widescreen and two individual cabin monitors.


    16 Seat Gulfstream New To Charter From So. California

    Announcing the addition of a 16 passenger Gulfstream G-IV large cabin jet to charter based CMA Camarillo, CA.  The aircraft is convenient to reposition to any Southern California airport for departure. The Gulfstream IV features a new 2014 interior refurbishment and complimentary Wi-Fi on board.

    This unique aircraft touts worldwide FAA charter authority and all four top auditor ratings; ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman, IS-BAO registration and Air Charter Safety Foundation’s Industry Audit Standard.


    Floating Fleet Jet Charter Listings Updated

    With a recent update, the Jet Charter Floating Fleets section now shows 11 charter operators with 205 jets dedicated to point-to-point pricing.  Aircraft types run the gamut of business jets, from light jet to heavy and long range jets.  With the update, below are the totals by category of charter jets available in the U.S. for point-to-point pricing.

    • 83 light jets
    • 50 midsize jets
    • 36 super midsize jets
    • 19 Heavy and long range jets

    Charter pricing with floating fleets can be quite advantageous for one way needs or round trips over many days.  Cancellation terms can vary and be stricter with the pricing advantage and the logistics of point-to-point charter flying.  Most operators are non-cancelable inside 72 hours from scheduled departure while some are shorter or even immediately upon booking.

    With this typical business model, most floating fleets are owned by the operator or are under management agreements whereby separate ‘owner approval’ is not required.  Ages of floating fleet aircraft, much like traditional charter fleets, vary from brand new production line aircraft to manufacture dates in the 70’s or 80’s.  All listed operators have at least one independent auditor safety rating, and more than half have 3 of the top ratings; ARGUS Platinum, Wyvern Wingman and ISBAO Registered.


    Gulfstream IV-SP Added At Scottsdale, AZ for Private Charter

    Gulfstream IV-SP N267LG is now available for charter based KSDL Scottsdale, AZ. The 12-passenger aircraft features a recently refurbished unique cabin layout, and passenger amenities including DVD/CD/Playstation 3, Airshow 400, and WiFi with Talk and Text.

    In operation for 17 years, its air carrier operators charter a fleet numbering 9 light, midsize and heavy jets, all based in Arizona at KSDL Scottsdale Municipal Airport.  Aero Jet Services operator and fleet details are available in FlightList PRO.


    Five Learjet 75 Now For Charter in U.S., Two in Europe

    The newest Learjet 75 is available for charter out of KVNY Van Nuys, CA from operator Clay Lacy Aviation.  Added in March, it brings to five the total number of Lear 75’s available for charter in the U.S.  Others are based in Texas, Indiana and Tennessee.  Two are available in Europe, based in Switzerland and Poland.

    With deliveries that began in 2014, the Learjet 75 is a midsize jet capable of seating up to 8 passengers in double-club configuration with a rear enclosed lavatory.  It is certified for 51,000 feet and leads the midsize category in high-speed cruise, capable of Mach .81.  Cabin height is 5’0″, width 5’1″, and length is 19’10”.  Up front are the latest in avionics, dominated by the Garmin G5000 three 14″ hi-res displays.

    The 75’s new sister-aircraft, Learjet 70, with cabin seating for 6 is considered a light jet.  Three Learjet 70’s are chartering in the U.S., based in Michigan and Florida.

    All Learjet 70 and 75 for charter worldwide are available with New Flight Charters.


    Top 10 Private Jets: Most Stylish

    In his first guest post for Corporate Jet Investor, Alud Davies aka BizJetBlogger rounds-up the top 10 private jets, looking at the most stylish.

    An Informational Resource on Jet Charter Rates and Pricing with Empty Legs, One-Ways and Traditional Air Charter

    To those searching for private air charter flights, much emphasis is made in internet advertising about discounted one-way flights or “empty legs” – private jets that are already flying a certain direction and can be had for pennies on the dollar. 

    While that may be a bit overstated and an advertising hook to lure you in, there is usually a definite, and sometimes significant, cost advantage in taking advantage of a discounted offer.  This is provided, of course, that your flight need is only one way, or your round trip flights are many days apart and a traditional charter aircraft would need to make two round trips to accomplish it.

    Actually connecting with a private jet empty leg can be a rare event because the schedules and flight routes are very specific.  If you ask the airplane to deviate too far from its needed route, or if you need the flight on a different day or time, or if you need/prefer a different size or type aircraft, you may be better off with other charter options. 

    Booking an empty leg listing is typically a non-cancellable affair, since the airplane needs to make that flight in a certain time frame and is counting on your fare.  Other charter options are usually fully cancelable up to 72, 48 or even 24 hours before the flight.  Be sure to get your cancellation details and check your charter quote paperwork.

    Most often, one-way flight charters at a discount are best accomplished utilizing operators’ floating fleets – aircraft that can be quoted and flown on a point-to-point basis – with better pricing than a traditional charter aircraft returning to base.

    Exploring all your flight options, or using a quality and experienced jet charter broker, will provide you with the full jet charter listings of flight alternatives, aircraft and quotes to choose from.

    Below are a sampling of actual charters that were booked within the past month.  The chart shows the aircraft and price chosen compared to a traditional charter quote.

    Flight RoutingAircraft UsedPrice PaidTraditional
    Charter Quote
    Belmar NJ – Palm Beach FLCitation Excel, midsize jet$10,593$18,650
    Teterboro NJ – Ft Lauderdale FLLearjet 60, midsize jet$10,023$19,250
    Oakland CA – New Orleans LAHawker 800XP, midsize jet$23,962$34,625
    Sacramento CA – Portland MECitation X, super-mid jet$27,638$64,350
    Carlsbad CA – Vancouver BCCitation V, light jet$12,483$15,850
    Teterboro NJ – Miami FLLearjet 55, midsize jet$9,950$16,500
    Washington DC – Houston TXWestwind, light jet$6,270$16,880
    Pittsburgh PA – Salt Lake City UTFalcon 10, light jet$17,948$22,687
    Van Nuys CA – Lihue, HawaiiGulfstream IV, large jet$39,910$69,575

    Prices listed are all-inclusive; taxes, fees, etc.

    Those looking for a one way charter flight who are lured by advertised private jet empty legs for “pennies on the dollar”, “make an offer!” or “cheap-cheap-cheap”, may be disappointed when they are finally offered actual availability, terms or pricing.  However, very good pricing can be had for many routings by those with realistic expectations and by using expert, long term and reputable air charter brokers. 

    Stay tuned to this column for a coming article and resource on evaluating and selecting quality air charter brokers.