How Much Does It Cost To Fly Private

BZN Bozeman Empty Leg Flights

The Cost of Flying Private: What You Need to Know Factors Affecting Cost: Type of Aircraft: Private jets come in various sizes and classes, each catering to different travel needs and budgets. Light jets, such as the Cessna Citation Mustang or the Embraer Phenom 100, are ideal for short trips and typically accommodate up to […]

Inside The Growth Of Bozeman Airport

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Recent growth at BZN To preface the interview we did with Mr. Sprenger, it is important to recognize the sheer growth at Bozeman. For summer 2021, BZN is anticipating seeing service from nine airlines with nonstop service to 24 markets. This will be the most ever that Bozeman has seen. In addition, the airport expects […]


How Much Does It Cost To Fly Private

$24,797 Learjet 55, midsize jet, seats 7, Wi-Fi$30,993 Citation X, super-midsize jet, seats 8, Wi-Fi$32,762 Hawker 1000, super-midsize jet, seats 9, Wi-Fi$37,270 Challenger 300, large cabin jet, seats 8, Wi-Fi They went with the Citation X. Quotes are total all-encompassing, including taxes.Pricing is specific to routing and dates.You can view the web article version of this […]

BZN Bozeman Empty Leg Flights

BZN Bozeman Empty Leg Flights

Understanding Bozeman Empty Leg Flights Empty leg flights, also known as deadhead flights, are sectors flown by private aircraft without any passengers on board, usually on the return journey after dropping off clients or repositioning to another airport for the next scheduled departure. These flights represent a considerable cost for charter companies, as the aircraft […]

New to private charter, aircraft and jets?

New to private charter, aircraft and jets?

New to private charter, aircraft and jets? Our charter experts can recommend and discuss the most appropriate, comfortable or popular aircraft for your mission and provide the best available if you desire a certain type or have budget goals.#privatejet #jetcharter

Private Business Aviation

Reasons for Business  Private Jet Charter Use

1. Time Efficiency: Private jets are often referred to as “time machines.”  Private aviation offers unparalleled time efficiency, enabling executives and teams to travel directly to their destinations without the extra time required at airports, layovers, and flight delays commonly associated with commercial air travel. A team’s total travel time with the airlines, even a […]

Empty-Leg Flights And Fractional Jets

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As demand for personalized and flexible flying experiences grows, so does the market for these cost-efficient private flight alternatives. Savvy travelers are quickly adopting them as their favored mode of air transport. Decoding Empty-Leg Flights Empty-leg flights occur when private jets fly without passengers to reposition for an upcoming itinerary or return to a home […]

With New Flight Charters You Can Fly Confidently

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With New Flight Charters you can fly confidently, knowing you have:- No deposits, pre-payments, up front costs, membership fees, etc.- Comprehensive nationwide availability of private aircraft by top-rated operators.- Flexibility to choose your specific aircraft & quote option.- One-way pricing with floating aircraft and empty legs nationwide.- Charter experts who also carry personal FAA Airmen […]

Empty Legs and One-ways

Empty Legs and One-ways

▸Los Angeles, CA to Baltimore, MDPhenom 300; $30,250▸Fort Myers, FL to Teterboro, NJHawker 400XP; $14,300▸Pontiac, MI to West Palm Beach, FLLearjet 55; $10,615▸Springfield, MA to Sun Valley, IDFalcon 900B; $41,250Pictured is the Phenom 300. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Many more listed at

Charter Operators Commit to Buying Electron Air Taxi

Jet Charter Operators Commit to Buying Electron Air Taxi

Based in the New York area, Hopscotch Air was founded in 2009 and operates a fleet of light aircraft, including the Cirrus SR20 piston single. It offers on-demand charter flights and a membership program, with some flights provided by partner operators across the northeast U.S. and Mid-Atlantic region. Air2E started operating charter services in 2017, […]