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New York Private Jet & Aircraft Air Charters

Welcome to the largest quality selection of private jets and aircraft charter for New York, including Teterboro, White Plains/Westchester, Farmingdale, Rochester, Ithaca, Syracuse, Buffalo, Schenectady, Saratoga Springs and others through industry leader New Flight Charters by the top-rated FAA-certified and DOT-registered carriers with full operational control. Even charter aircraft owners and FAA operators themselves turn to New Flight Charters for help in fulfilling their aircraft and flight needs. Take advantage of your top FAA-certified private aircraft and charter availability, with Best Price Guarantee including round-trip and one way pricing options. See your complete New York charter aircraft options or benefit from floating aircraft and empty leg jets for best-cost charters nationwide.

Charter over 145 aircraft based in the New York area (air charter listing below) with New Flight Charters, operated by the top FAA Part-135 certificated Air Carriers. With exclusive local service and the top New York jet charter listings available, New Flight Charters is a New York favorite and a recognized leader nationwide in private air charter.

New Flight Charters lists the best several options for each flight from the comprehensive charter aircraft availability of based aircraft, floating fleets, discounted one-way flights, and empty legs with the leading DOT-registered and FAA-certified aircraft operators, and your guaranteed-best one-way or round trip pricing for each and every flight. New Flight Charters is not restricted to a defined fleet or certain operator relationships or networks, and thus can quote charter flight quality and price options not otherwise available.

Your best charter flight options and detailed charter quotes are free and normally sent 2–4 hours from your request, and guaranteed for best price in the market.  Ballpark pricing and general information are available immediately.  Contact New Flight Charters by Email or phone, 800-732-1653.

Air Charter Listing and Jet Charter Directory:

Charter Aircraft Based in Teterboro, Farmingdale, White Plains, Newark, New York, Rochester:

Global 5000
Falcon 900EASY
Citation III
King Air 300 (2)
Global Express (3)
Falcon 900 EX
Citation CJ3
King Air 200 (7)
Gulfstream 550 (2)
Falcon 900B (3)
Citation II
King Air 90 (3)
Gulfstream 450
Falcon 900 (3)
Citation S/II
Pilatus PC-12 (3)
Gulfstream V (2)
Falcon 50 (4)
Learjet 35A (4)
Grand Caravan (2)
Gulfstream IV-SP (4)
Falcon 2000EX EASY
Learjet 31A
Gulfstream IV (5)
Falcon 2000 (2)
Learjet 25
Piper Navajo Chieftain (3)
Gulfstream III (5)
Hawker 4000 (4)
Beechjet 400 (6)
Beechcraft Baron 58 (2)
Gulfstream 200
Hawker 800XP (8)
Hawker 400XP (4)
Cessna 206
Gulfstream 150
Hawker 800A (4)
Cirrus SR-22 (2)
Challenger 605
Hawker 700A
Boeing 767-300ER
Challenger 604 (3)
Learjet 60 (7)
Boeing 767-300
Agusta Bell
Challenger 601 (3)
Learjet 55 (3)
Boeing 767-200 Sikorsky S76 (2)
Challenger 300 (3)
Falcon 20
Embraer Brasilia Eurocopter (2)
Embraer Legacy
Citation Excel (3) Eurocopter Dauphin
Bell Textron (4))
Bell 430 (3)
Robinson R44
New York Air Charter Listings

Floating Charter Jets for New York area One-Way Discount Pricing

Gulfstream IV (2) Challenger 300 (2) Hawker 800XP Citation V
Gulfstream III (2) Citation X (6) Learjet 60 Beechjet 400
Challenger 601 Hawker 850XP Hawker 400XP (4) Learjet 35A (3)
Also available are empty legs with numerous other aircraft

Empty Legs & Discounted One-Way Jet Charters

One of our strengths! New Flight Charters offers the best New York region one-ways available in private aviation with our total private jet industry access to nationwide empty legs and floating one-way aircraft. Light jets though Gulfstreams available same-day to several weeks in advance. Call now for your best one-way jet options.

Total Access to Empty Legs and Discounts for Teterboro, White Plains, Farmingdale and Others

New Flight Charters also utilizes the top FAA approved floating (non-based) One-way jets which are scheduled point-to-point with advance notice, and on short notice when available. They can be quoted to/from the New York City area or anywhere New York and nationwide. Pricing varies depending on jet type, availability and routing.

As an established and respected major provider, take advantage of our total access to private jet empty legs nationwide, including to and from Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe.  Our real-time database of over 3,000 aircraft and connections as an industry leader allow us to secure one-way options your typical air charter service and jet cards cannot offer.

Current Teterboro, White Plains, Farmingdale and New York Empty Legs and One Way Discounts

New Flight Charters guarantees to offer the best cost air charter options to or from New York. We continually have empty legs and one way aircraft available to/from New York, and can provide the best available for any other flight need. We guarantee it. Contact us now with your flight need for a free no-commitment quote.

Taking Advantage of One-Ways

One-ways are usually listed as between two certain airports or cities because this is actually the departing and arrival points of its current itinerary.  However the airplane can be moved and a charter flown anywhere along that very general route and direction.  For example an aircraft available one-way from Teterboro to Dallas can be flown to Nashville, St. Louis, Atlanta, New Orleans, even Aspen CO, at a low one-way air charter price.

One-way charters may have a tighter cancellation policy, most common is 72-hours, because of their low price and the airplane’s need to arrive at the other end.  The aircraft may have a flight booked after the current one-way which is dependent on it being in that vicinity. Some floating fleet aircraft can have a standard 24 or 48-hour cancellation policy. And of course New Flight Charters offers several options to choose from.

Leader in On-Demand Jet and Aircraft Air Charter

New Flight Charters, recognized as the fastest-growing private jet charter company since 2005 by the Inc. 500/5000, achieved this by providing a wide variety of aircraft and flights, each with a Best Price Guarantee, and backed by only the top vetted FAA-Certified air carriers. Your charter contacts also carry personal FAA Airmen Certification. Every day, private jet charter customers large and small rely on us for top service and safety. With New Flight Charters, take advantage of:

    1. Largest availability of top quality, vetted FAA-Certified aircraft and carriers
    2. Flexibility to choose your specific aircraft & quote option, and pay after the trip
    3. No up front costs; no pre-payments required, membership fees, etc
    4. One-way pricing with floating one-way aircraft and empty legs
    5. New Flight Charters’ experts also carry personal FAA Airmen Certification
    6. Accident-Free history, with company core values of Service and Safety

SELECT. We are proud to be a Dun & Bradstreet Listed Company and a selected and registered US Government Contractor for VIP Private Air Charters. We frequently charter US and foreign diplomats including former Presidents and overseas royalty.

SAFE. New Flight Charters is accident free. We use only the safest private charter aircraft, and all flights are operated only by FAA Certified Air Carriers who exceed the strictest FAA safety, maintenance and crew standards including documented inspections every 100 hours of flight. Crews are FAA certified and every Captain is Airline Transport Pilot rated. We monitor each flight via FAA Air Traffic Control feed. Quality, Safety and Service are our priority.

CONFIDENTIAL. New Flight Charters has a history of taking care of business executives, entertainers and dignitaries such as former-President Clinton. And we do it well. We hold all charters in the strictest confidence. We take online and computer data security precautions. And we do not share ANY information with uninvolved third-parties.

Flight Safety Is Top Priority With New Flight Charters

Utilizing the top safety-rated aircraft, flights through New Flight Charters boast a perfect safety record since inception, 2003.

With New Flight Charters you have only the safest aircraft available; charter ARG/US, Wyvern LTD and/or IS-BAO registered aircraft. New Flight Charters is also a Wyvern Authorized Company with access to FAA operator safety data and aircraft/crew records and documentation. NFC continually monitors status with the FAA and Wyvern, and unlike some charter brokers, will never present an aircraft, or flight crew or air carrier which are not in your best interest to fly with. See Air Charter Safety for details on charter safety ratings and programs.

All flights are operated by FAA Part-135 air carriers in good standing, who exceed industry-leading safety standards including aircraft inspections every 50 or 100 flight hours by FAA Certified Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics. Crews are FAA certified and every jet captain is ATP(Airline Transport Pilot) rated.

Best Price Guarantee

The New Flight Charters Best Price Guarantee ensures you’re getting the best price. You won’t find a better-supported price guarantee from any other private air charter service today. Getting the flight you want at the best price available in the market shouldn’t be hard work. With the Best Price Guarantee you can book with confidence.

Company Information

Since 2003, renowned New Flight Charters has consistently arranged the best market values in private air charter, with top quality aircraft and best pricing in the market for each and every flight with its Best Price Guarantee. As a result New Flight Charters has become the fastest growing private jet travel company since 2005 as awarded by Inc.500|5000.

One of the older private jet charter companies, New Flight Charters has become the established, secure, respected and award-winning choice for New York jet chartersand has been making private air charter flights from Teterboro, Farmingdale, White Plains and other New York airports easy and safe since 2003.

Top-rated private jet travel leader New Flight Charters arranges premium private jet and air charters only through top-rated FAA-certified and DOT-registered carriers who have full operational control. With arguably the largest private jet charter availability, New Flight Charters is rated by Dun & Bradstreet, is a registered US Government Contractor, has an accident-free history and company seniors carry personal FAA Airmen Certification. More company information here at New Flight Charters Worldwide.

The Most Qualified Service Providers In The Industry

No ‘sales-shark brokers’, ‘husband-wife shops’, or ‘customer service reps’.  New Flight Charters seniors are personally FAA Airmen Certified, and Private Pilots with over 16,000 hours of combined flight time in private and commercial aircraft. You will not speak or work with more qualified people. Fewer than 1% of the population achieve personal FAA ratings. Take advantage of the experience, knowledge and FAA Certifications.

New Flight Charters is renowned; we retain the top industry professionals with a superior work environment, the industry’s leading compensation structure, and a seven-year history of growth and success. We demand, and reward, the highest service level in the industry.

New Flight Charters Management Team:
32 Years Chartering Experience
38 Years FAA-Certified Aviation Experience
88 Years Executive Management Experience
17,200 Hours Personal Flight Experience


New Flight Charters
Charter Manager on duty 24/7
Toll free from anywhere: 800-732-1653

New York private jet & air charters depart from:

Atlantic Aviation
Teterboro Airport
233 Industrial Ave.
Teterboro, NJ 07608

Signature Flight Support
Westchester County Airport
2 Hangar Rd, Box 1
White Plains, NY 10604

Atlantic Aviation
Route 109
Republic Airport
Farmingdale, NY 11735

General Aviation Terminal
JFK International Airport
Bldg 145 JFK Intl Airport
Jamacia, NY 11430

Other FBOs available by request.

Key Charter Personnel:
Rick Colson, President
Blake Smith, Operations Director
Nanette Poorman, Charter Manager
Michelle Murphy, Charter Manager
Aeriel Taka, Charter Coordinator
Kelan Poorman, Charter Coordinator

Charter Office:
Marketing/Press Inquiries:
Human Resources:

Air Charter Directory: Aircraft Charter Listings Available

Contact us now for your best available charter aircraft and price quotes, guaranteed. Call 800-732-1653 or Email.