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Premier Private Jet Charter Company

Company Information

For the past twelve years, renowned New Flight Charters has
consistently arranged the best market values in private air
charter, with top quality aircraft and best pricing in the market
for each and every flight with its Best Price Guarantee.

With its own charter aircraft operated by Centurion Flight
and the industry's largest charter availability through
top-rated FAA operators nationwide, New Flight Charters
presents the best several options to choose from for each and
every flight, from the comprehensive nationwide charter aircraft

Dun & Bradstreet Rated

Member National Business Aircraft Association

Member National Air Transport Association

Member Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

Awarded Fastest Growing Private Jet Company 2005-2008


ISBAO Registered Aircraft Operators Available

ARG/US Safety Rated Aircraft Operators Available

Wyvern-Authorized Charter Company

Member Air Charter Safety Foundation

Aviation's Insider Source

Aircraft owners and charter operators turn to New Flight Charters' trusted experts almost daily for help in fulfilling their aircraft and flight needs, and the company has been called "our in-house brokerage" by private jet owners/operators. Inside the industry, New Flight Charters is the most recommended charter service in the U.S. from the World's Largest Marketplace for Air Charter Professionals. The company is respected in quality, service and price by jet charter industry insiders, and is setting a higher standard in the industry and with private fliers worldwide.

New Flight Charters Celebrates Twelve Years of Private Jet Service, Highlights Growth and Success

Private Jet Charter Company Recognized as Industry Roll Model in Relationships and Reputation

Private jet charter leader New Flight Charters celebrated its 12 Year Anniversary in 2016 arranging and providing aircraft charters in the US and worldwide.

Different from most brokerages, New Flight Charters’ founding brokers had a history in other facets of aviation and were active private and commercial pilots.  “Coming from a background of flight operations and being the one responsible for passenger experience, we look at arranging charters quite differently than most,” states Rick Colson, New Flight Charters’ President.

Now with a Charter Management Senior Team of six - and no voluntary turnover in 10 years – New Flight Charters boasts one of the most experienced and respected teams in the industry, seasoned experts in the prime of their careers.  “The largest number of compliments we receive is about our people,” Colson adds.

New Flight Charters has good reasons to celebrate;  not only twelve years in business but high success, achievement, and recognition as a favorite in the industry and air charter role model:

Largest Quality Aircraft Selection

Aircraft selection and charter availability is your advantage. With New Flight Charters you have the largest availability of private operator fleets and independent jets at the guaranteed lowest rates in the market.  New Flight Charters is the only air charter company connected to and arranging the entire quality fleet of FAA private charter aircraft and crews, giving you the ultimate in selection, choice and price.  We bring it all together for you. 

Charter operators may have just a handful of aircraft or brokers use only 1-3 air carriers in a region(Los Angeles has over 20 carriers), and prices can vary widely.  New Flight Charters gives you the best in the entire quality market. Literally the best aircraft and rates available to anyone. See just part of your charter aircraft selection here.

Aircraft owned by New Flight Charters are operated under FAA Certificate #CCJA746C by Centurion Flight Services, Inc.
New Flight Charters performs as agent for the customer and arranges all flights on behalf of charter clients with FAA-certified and DOT-registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, or foreign equivalent, who exercise full operational control at all times.

Who Are The People Behind Your Flight?

Few charter services reveal their personnel, numbers, or their qualifications and experience. The people behind your flight arrangements are a key component when considering a charter company.

No 'sales-shark brokers', 'husband-wife shops', or 'customer service reps'. New Flight Charters seniors are personally FAA Airmen Certified and Private Pilots with over 17,000 hours of combined flight time in private and commercial aircraft. You will not speak or work with more qualified people. Fewer than 1% of the population achieve personal FAA ratings. Take advantage the experience, knowledge and FAA Certifications

New Flight Charters is different from most jet charter services and brokers. You will find only long-term mature aviation experts in the prime of their careers, assisting you in the local and nationwide charter market.

Considered the top charter team in the U.S., New Flight Charters is renowned; retaining the top industry professionals with a
superior work environment, the industry's highest compensation structure, and a ten-year history of growth and success. We demand, and reward, the highest service level in the industry.

New Flight Charters Management Team
42 Years Chartering Experience
51 Years FAA-Certified Aviation Experience
114 Years Executive Management Experience
23,200 Hours Personal Flight Experience

Rick Colson, President
800-732-1653 ext. 705
Rick Colson fell in love with aviation in 1981 at the age of 15 in the right seat of a V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza, at the former Scottsdale Airpark. An aircraft owner and instrument-rated private pilot with 26 years senior business and operations management experience, 15 of those in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, Rick has experienced multiple facets of private aviation from the cockpit to the front office.  In 2004 New Flight Charters grew out of New Flight Solutions, Inc., the aviation consulting company Rick founded when company clientele needed more cost-effective and flexible flying options than the traditional charter, fractional ownership and jet card programs.

Rick earned his FAA ratings at Pinnacle Aviation Academy and his Bachelor of Science in Business degree from the renowned W.A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University.  A strong supporter of private aviation, Rick Colson is an actively flying pilot, aircraft owner, and member of the National Business Aircraft Association, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, National Air Transportation Association, Colorado Pilots Association, and Wyoming Pilots Association. Rick is also called-upon as a private aviation consultant. Rick personally flies a 2008 turbocharged Cessna 206H, he is married and has four children. In addition to overseeing operations, Rick stays involved with the heart of the business - our customers - and manages select client charters as well.

An aviation industry contributor, in 2014 Rick co-founded FlightList Pro, a breakthrough aircraft listing directory and database featuring the complete listing of every certified charter, cargo and ambulance aircraft in the U.S. and 131 countries worldwide, including rotary wing, amphibians and airliners. FlightList Pro includes all 3,432 operators and 16,690 aircraft worldwide. It is the only source for every available aircraft, and more than double those of other services today.

Mark Baroni, Charter Manager
800-732-1653 ext. 707
A high performing Air Force officer and pilot of 21 years with a diverse skill set in aviation, command, program management, training and safety, Mark Baroni is a proven leader with the keen ability to make wise choices and accurate judgements under pressure. Mark's wealth of career aviation and management experience propels New Flight Charters: USA Presidential Travel Advance Agent – NATO International Diplomatic Officer – Director, Air Force Wing Flight Safety Program – Air Force Academy Graduate – Master's Degree in Aerospace Operations from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University – Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) rating – Type ratings in a variety of civilian turboprop and jet aircraft – Commander of Air Force Academy Cadet Squadron – Air Force Instructor Pilot in 4 Military Aircraft – 1,510 Air Force sorties flown, 243 of those in combat. Mark brings strong leadership skills, impeccable integrity and a solid work ethic to New Flight Charters, adding to one of the most capable, experienced and respected teams in air charter.

Blake Smith, Charter Manager
800-732-1653 ext. 702
Blake crafted a boyhood love of airplanes into a lifetime career of aviation.  Blake brings to New Flight Charters major private and commercial flight operations experience as a corporate and commercial pilot with experience in a long list of private and commercial aircraft.  Blake is Captain-rated in numerous aircraft including the Airbus A320. He holds his degree from San Diego State University.  As a pilot Blake knows air charter and private and corporate aviation from the inside out .  Blake currently flies an Airbus A320 and Cessna 182T, and he has been with New Flight Charters since it's inception. See reviews on Blake Smith Here and Here.

Nanette Poorman, Charter Manager
800-732-1653 ext. 701
In 2006 Nanette put her 30 years of Operations, Customer Service and Logistics experience to work for our clients.  A favorite across the air charter industry, highly respected and dedicated, Nanette Poorman oversees charters and ensures customers are happy.  In her personally contagious way, Nanette demonstrates that New Flight Charters is known for providing the top personal service level in aviation, and the kind of private charter experience that keep clients coming back.

Michelle Murphy, Charter Manager
800-732-1653 ext. 703
Having top talent on board is the key. In 2008 New Flight Charters was honored when Michelle brought her 15 years Regional Manager experience overseeing 48-person client-service department to us. Now 8 years and over 2,000 flights later, Michelle credits her history of success to her believe that "nothing else matters unless the customer is impressed."  Managing hundreds of flights for Presidential Campaigns, Fortune 500 companies, and private families, Michelle's success continues, passengers are happy, and clients ask for her by name. See recent reviews about Michelle Murphy

Kelan Poorman, Charter Manager
800-732-1653 ext. 704
Kelan brings a valuable, formal ethics & credibility background component to New Flight Charters. Kelan Poorman retired from a 27-year career in law enforcement to join in New Flight Charters' growing business in 2010. Sgt. Poorman was the public face and voice of the Oceanside Police Department in Southern California, in front of television cameras and reporters as its Public Information Officer. He has been involved part-time with New Flight Charters since 2005, and his input, guidance and experience were invaluable as the company became a beacon in the industry.

Aeriel Taka, Charter Manager
800-732-1653 ext. 706
Aeriel represents the service level that charter customers and operators have come to expect of New Flight Charters. Her upbeat personality and can-do attitude are perfect for New Flight Charters. She has helped the company become the "most recommended" among charter operators and brokers inside the charter industry.


New Flight Charters Career Opportunities



Aircraft owned by New Flight Charters are operated under Air Carrier Certificate CCJA746C by Centurion Flight Services, Inc.
New Flight Charters performs as agent for the customer and arranges all flights on behalf of charter clients with FAA-certified
and DOT-registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, or foreign equivalent, who exercise full operational control.

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