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For Our Part-135 Certificate Holder Charter Operator Partners;

New Flight Charters was first in the industry to provide a Background and Credentials Report (since 2010) with factual company financial and business information, history and accreditations.

"Who can you trust?"  See for yourself.Air Charter Company Ratings Reviews

Dear Industry Partners,

New Flight Charters knows better than most that the charter industry is comprised of all types and forms of service providers and brokers, including some with felonies or bankruptcies, some transient one-man providers, as well as many very experienced, capable and reliable partner-brokerages.

With 14 years in the industry, 1,400 flights per year and a management team of six, we are aware of the established and trustworthy businesses, and we know that new brokers appear routinely.  We also know that charter operators can include questionable as well as highly reputable organizations whether large or small.

Leading the way, we have distributed a ratings report to industry partners since 2010 in a handy summary format, as a way to provide up to date factual business information about the company for review and evaluation.

View or print the handy Charter Ratings & Credentials Report >

Operators from across the U.S. and overseas ask us on a regular basis for help in sourcing supplemental lift outside their strengths or fleet.  New Flight Charters is 100% ethical in business dealings and respects all relationships.  Operator references are available. Please contact us; Email us here or call (800) 732-1653.

Company Summary Report

Updated 2/5/18

New Flight Solutions, Inc.
DBA New Flight Charters
A Wyoming Corporation
TIN: 20-1261100
Secretary of State Corporate Records here


Aircraft owned by New Flight Charters are operated under Air Carrier Certificate CCJA746C by Centurion Flight Services, Inc.
New Flight Charters performs as agent for the customer and arranges all flights on behalf of charter clients with FAA-certified
and DOT-registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, or foreign equivalent, who exercise full operational control.

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